Through The NOW Fund, Old Westerfordians are supporting a generation of New (Old) Westerfordians — exceptional young people who have the potential to transform South Africa but are not able to access an excellent high school education.
The NOW Fund currently supports fourteen promising learners - two  each in Grade 10 to 12, three in Grade 9 and five in Grade 8.  Our three alumni all achieved university admission and are studying at either the University of Cape Town or the University of the Western Cape. ​​​​​​​
How it Works
Generous Old Westerfordians make once-off or monthly contributions toward putting a young person through the full five years at Westerford. 
It costs approximately R50 000 to put one child through one year of high school at Westerford. This includes fees, books, uniforms, additional academic support if needed, extramural expenses and other school-related costs. 
Supporting and Mentoring
We partner with the Spirit Education Foundation ( to ensure our scholars are cared for holistically. Aside from taking care of scholar selection and the administrative requirements of uniform and stationery supplies etc, they offer psychosocial support, mentorship and a community of supportive peers. 
100% of donations to the NOW Fund go towards the scholars' fees and additional support. No admin fees, no CEO salary, and no operational costs (other than bank fees, of course). 
Tax Benefit
As a donor to The NOW Fund, you are entitled to receive a tax donation certificate for an income tax deduction... so you can rather give the money to educating a young person than to SARS. Isn’t that a fine idea?! Email for more.

BEE letters are also available for corporate donations.

How to help 
Set up a monthly debit order, make a once-off donation, crowdfund a full scholarship or encourage your organisation to sponsor a scholarship. 
Every amount donated makes an impact. 
You also don’t need to be an OW to contribute to this project. As OWs you can enrol your friends, colleagues and extended family (who all know how great Westerford is because you came out of it). They can contribute to the fundraising for your year-group
If you’ve got more questions like…
- Where is the money kept? (Investec)
- Who’s in charge? (There’s a whole team)
- Can I name a scholarship after myself? (Yes… you can!)
- Will this help me get my child into Westerford? (Sadly, nope)
…. drop us an email on and we’d be happy to help. 

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